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BAye Hive Greeks

Catching Flights Bundle

Catching Flights Bundle

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AGXi Crest Greek Letter Luggage Cover (size)
AGXI Swan Yoga Leggings (size)
Sistas Luggage Bag Tag (Color)

Introducing the Catching Flights Bundle for the discerning travelers of BAye Hive Greeks, designed to add a touch of elegance, comfort, and functionality to your journeys. This premium collection is meticulously curated for the adventurous souls who thrive on exploring new horizons while showcasing their unique identity and allegiance to the AGXi community. Whether you're jet-setting across continents or embarking on a weekend getaway, this bundle ensures you travel in style and convenience.

AGXi Neck Gaiter: Begin your travel ensemble with our versatile AGXi Neck Gaiter. Crafted from a soft, breathable fabric, this multifunctional accessory serves as a stylish scarf, a protective face covering, or even a headband to keep you comfortable in various climates and settings. Its distinctive AGXi design radiates your pride and connection to the community, making it a travel essential that combines form and function.

Bag Tag: Never worry about misidentifying your luggage again with our custom BAye Hive Greeks Bag Tag. Durable and stylish, this tag features a unique AGXi design that stands out on the conveyor belt. Its sturdy construction ensures your contact information remains secure, offering peace of mind as you traverse the globe.

Travel Pillow: Elevate your travel comfort with our AGXi Travel Pillow. Designed for optimal neck support, this pillow ensures you can rest and recharge even on the longest flights. Its soft, plush fabric is gentle on the skin, and the distinctive design declares your allegiance to the BAye Hive Greeks, making it a cozy companion for any journey.

Fanny Pack: Keep your essentials close and secure with our AGXi Fanny Pack. This trendy and practical accessory offers hands-free convenience without sacrificing style. With multiple compartments, it's perfect for organizing your travel necessities, and the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for all-day adventures.

Leggings: Our AGXi Leggings are a testament to comfort meeting style. Made with high-quality, stretchable fabric, these leggings offer flexibility and breathability, making them perfect for travel. The chic design not only celebrates your AGXi pride but also pairs seamlessly with any travel outfit, ensuring you look and feel great on the go.

Car Cup: Stay hydrated in style with our AGXi Car Cup. This durable, insulated cup keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold. Its sleek design fits comfortably in most car cup holders, making it an ideal travel companion for road trips or long commutes.

Luggage Cover: Protect your suitcase with our AGXi Luggage Cover. This durable cover shields your luggage from the rigors of travel, keeping it looking new while making it instantly recognizable. The vibrant AGXi design not only protects your belongings but also showcases your BAye Hive Greeks pride on every leg of your journey.

The Catching Flights Bundle is more than just a collection of travel accessories; it's a statement of belonging, a testament to the adventurous spirit of the BAye Hive Greeks. Embrace your journeys with confidence, knowing that each item in this bundle has been chosen to enhance your travel experience, celebrate your community, and inspire your next adventure.

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